ネイティブっぽい英語: It's my treat【日本語と英語で解説】


こんにちは、Joyful Family Blogのエマです!今日は新しいシリーズ【ネイティブっぽい英語】を始めます。


日本語の下に英語もあります! There is English after the Japanese!


ネイティブっぽい英語: It’s my treat

今回の言葉は「It’s my treat!」です。 It’s my treatというのは、「私のお菓子」ではなく、「おごるよ!」ということです。


例:Let’s go see a movie this weekend. It’s my treat!


Aさん:Let’s go see a movie! (映画を見よう! )
Bさん:I’m sorry, but I can’t. I have to study. (ごめん。いけない。勉強しないと。 )
Aさん:Come on. It’s my treat! (おごるよ! )
Bさん:Oh, ok! (じゃあ、いい。)

また、会計とかチケットを払うとき、相手が財布を出したけど、全部払いたかったら、It’s my treatを言って、とても英語ネイティブみたいです。

今度だれかとご飯に行ったときは、”I will pay for us,”(おごるよ)の代わりに” It’s my treat,”と言ってみてください!

Hello! This Joyful Family Blog’s Emma. Today I am starting the new series, “Native Sounding English.”

“Native Sounding English” will have words and phrases that Japanese people don’t use often, but if you can use them correctly will make you sound more like a native speaker. Please read on and try to use them!


Native Sounding English: It’s my treat

This time, I will be explaining, ‘It’s my treat!’ ‘It’s my treat,’ doesn’t literally mean, “It’s my snack,” but it is an alternative to saying, “I’ll pay!”

We usually use it when we are inviting someone to do something.

Example: Let’s go see a movie this weekend. It’s my treat!

Another time is when we’re trying to convince someone to go after we have invited them somewhere.

Example: A:Let’s go see a movie! B:I’m sorry, but I can’t. I have to study. A:Come on. It’s my treat! B:Oh, ok!

Another time is when you get the bill or are buying tickets and the person you are with takes their wallet out. If you want to pay for the whole thing then you can say, “It’s my treat,” and you will sound like a native speaker!

So next time you want to say, “I will pay for us,” try using, “It’s my treat,” instead!